Nutrition and health info

Nutrition and health info helps you make smart and healthy food choices.
Every day.
Everything you need to know about your food: minerals, vitamins, nutrition. Moreover, with Nutrition and health info you can find just the right diet for health problems.
Nutrition and health info is created using both, science based information and natural medicine in conjunction with an accredited nutritional therapist.
In this App you will find:
• Food listings and their individual health benefits, associated vitamins and mineral content, as well as inspiring videos and recipes from youtube.
• List of vitamins and their benefits. Top 20 foods high in each vitamin.
• List of minerals and their benefits. Top 20 foods high in each mineral.
• Important information on health conditions with suggested foods to eat and avoid.
• Simple calorie chart to find out how many calories are in the everyday foods you eat.
• List of E numbers and their associated additives.